Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pull the Cord

So this will be the first entry to this blog that I may or may not keep up depending on time, work, states of mind, food intake, alcohol consumption, re-runs, depression, lack of depression, finances, movie theater listings, weather, dark green 98 Pontiac Bonneville's and their reliability , whats going on at Bronson, my thesis on lunch meat as a metaphor for economic status in middle America - really the list goes on and on.

The plan is to use this space to showcase my work as well as the work of others - work that revolves around LA and its culture (whether it be positive or negative). You may like this place, you may hate it, maybe you are impartial (lazy - make up your mind)... Regardless, surely it stirs up some feelings and creativity; regurgitate it here. As to be expected, ranting will happen from time to time, hence the oh so clever title.

Of course this is overly self serving, being that we are posting fiction and ranting, so feel free to comment and/or help out if need be - we want to hear your ideas and opinions. At any rate, this will be the purpose of this digital parking space. For now its back to watching re-runs of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and waiting for the "thought" to strike me. I'll leave you with a random quote because I feel like it. Think it over or think it under:

"And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention"
Talking Heads



John said...

Women. Friends. Industry. Your life has changed. Everything you've ever learned is now obsolete. Welcome to LA.

John said...
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