Friday, March 19, 2010

We take a story break to share a fully sprouted new spring mix from Gator, please enjoy: BLOOM

The calendar year begins January 1st, but it doesn't really feel like a real new year until March 20th. The first day of spring is like a Boy Scout merit badge. You made it through winter, mostly unscathed, and as a reward you get a nice shiny new sunny day to pin to your belt. All that cold gross winter stuff was so last year. Now you're invigorated. This year will be different This year will have flip-flops and shorts. This year will have flowers and birds. This year will have tons of happy music. The kind of music you need to roll the windows down in the car in order to really appreciate. Music that makes you build a tree house or plant a garden. Music so hopeful it seems to inspire the sun to stay up longer and longer with each passing day. "Bloom" features all new songs that celebrate this new year. Though some of the songs may flirt with summer exuberance, make sure not to look too far ahead. You made it through winter and spring is your victory lap. Take some time to stop and hear the music.

Download Bloom here:


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Brief Dream Thought

A site through a window in
Valley Village.

Dismembered dismal daughter;
English Porter Father;
"Dance Please Gentleman" brother;
Untamed, irritable mother

the dog barks, a mimic of a bigger dogs bark.

They sit down for dinner in their
work clothes.

and you were there.

napkins folded and napped
silverware silvered with ware
plates plattered with Po-tatoes
Pour wine for a heritage twice removed
poor wine, a heritage lost and forgotten.

A silence unparalleled;
we both were there.

How was your day?
Nay (neigh?), your week, your month, your year, your horse?
Your profession, what is it?
A postman, poppa?
The garden, momma; blooming, fresh, fragrant?
Sister, how many years are you now? still leading cheer?

I remember now,
we are all here.