Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Brief Dream Thought

A site through a window in
Valley Village.

Dismembered dismal daughter;
English Porter Father;
"Dance Please Gentleman" brother;
Untamed, irritable mother

the dog barks, a mimic of a bigger dogs bark.

They sit down for dinner in their
work clothes.

and you were there.

napkins folded and napped
silverware silvered with ware
plates plattered with Po-tatoes
Pour wine for a heritage twice removed
poor wine, a heritage lost and forgotten.

A silence unparalleled;
we both were there.

How was your day?
Nay (neigh?), your week, your month, your year, your horse?
Your profession, what is it?
A postman, poppa?
The garden, momma; blooming, fresh, fragrant?
Sister, how many years are you now? still leading cheer?

I remember now,
we are all here.


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