Monday, August 16, 2010

Brief Thoughts on Danger

The smell of danger is peanut butter frozen yogurt,
or chilled orient salad.

It's never dynamite, gun powder, rotting flesh, hospitals,
or sticky blood.

The smell of fear is that horrible twenty year old memory
of Uncle Albert
convulsing into his plate
of homemade spaghetti
in your mothers
freshly cleaned

But also, and be cautious.
While laying at the bottom of your pool,
dare yourself to breathe in through your nose.
Can you smell and taste the chlorine?
Be weary as the bubbles brush and tickle
your nostrils and brain.
You are indeed suffocating your life.

this is also you
signing off
with a belt around your neck
and trousers around your ankles.
what a horrible way
for death
to come.

What does this mean
when our bodies awareness confuses
danger with joy
joy with danger?
Do we trust our senses still?


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