Thursday, May 29, 2008

Food it's TV You Eat

Random/Revolutionary Thought:
If you are in "The Industry" (Entertainment that is, no porn doesn't count. . .yea I know it's entertainment, give me a break ok) the only television channel you should be watching in your spare time is the Food Network.

After a long day of being told you’re worthless, throwing out rotten strawberry Yoplait’s, getting paper cuts from horrible reality television show sheets, placing calls to people incapable of picking up their own phones, and sitting through the kind of traffic that makes you want to pull over your car and use your tail pipe as a pacifier; the only saving grace is a little thing called food TV.

Do you really want to watch the efforts of the people you work so closely with everyday, and the job you pour your 20,000 salary and failed dreams into, plastered on your television screen during the 4 hours, (if that), of free time you get a night? No, I’ve got that one for you, the answer is no. Do you really want to watch the half rate movie, with the failing star/waiter, and the straight to DVD distribution deal you worked on all winter expecting a career changing credit, on your “me time” weekend? No, the answer is no yet again.

When you get home from work and your trying to think about what you should do with those two hours after eating your microwaved dinner, after exercising your administrative soul with a four mile run, and after making those urgent phone calls to your dead end contacts to further your career, you should not turn on the tv or go to a movie that reminds you you’re nowhere near your goals. What you should do, what you should really do is turn on the Food Network.

You should watch the carefree chefs of the best channel in the world create the Chicken Parmigian recipe your mom used to make you after school on Wednesdays before karate. You should watch the eclectic talent on Have Fork Will Travel move around the globe sampling the finest cuisines from countries you can’t even draw a line to on a map. Sit back and relax as Ace of Cakes try and tackle mango flavored frosting in the shape of a palm tree on a desert island mirage cake. Flip on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dive’s and reminisce about that diner back home where Paulie used to fry eggs in the center of your pancakes, or where Chef Molly used to bake homemade Twinkies on Fridays after baseball practice.

The Food Network reminds us of what’s good in this world, it reminds us of where we came from and where we would eventually like to go back to. It reminds us of the white shingled suburbs, of the nooks of the city, of the beach and the mountains. It reminds us of little league, of the donut shop downtown, of skipping out to the crab shack during lunch in high school, of family get togethers, of movie nights with friends, of barbeques on the first warm day of spring, of summers at the beach, of hot cocoa at the homecoming game, of an ice cream treat after surviving your first trip to the doctors office; it reminds us of what truly is important in this world. The Food Network reminds us of a simpler time when we used to ask “Mom, what’s for dinner?” and it reminds us that there doesn’t have to be a point to everything we do. So go home, ignore the perils of life in your chosen career, and remember what once used to be important to you, and what can be important once again. Get back to your roots and your values and have a piece of apple pie with a slice of cheddar, or you know skip the cheddar . . . . .because pie and cheese don’t mix well.


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RoboNixon said...

I totes agree. Food Network is like the crack of television. Alton Brown is pretty much my favorite television personality, I love his show, and I TiVo the shit out of it. I like Rachel Ray, Iron Chef (Japan & America), and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. It's good shit. And when there's nothing else on TV (all the time) it's always there to hold you tender-like.